/aɪ / (say uy)

noun (plural eyes)
1. the organ of sight or vision.
2. all the structures situated within or near the orbit which assist the organ of vision.
3. this organ with respect to the colour of the iris: blue eyes.
4. the region surrounding the eye: a black eye.
5. sight; vision.
6. power of seeing; appreciative or discriminating visual perception: an eye for colour; an eye for detail.
7. (often plural) look, glance, or gaze: to cast one's eye on a thing.
8. (often plural) attentive look, close observation, or watch: to keep an eye on a person; to be all eyes.
9. regard, respect, view, aim, or intention: to have an eye to one's own advantage; with an eye to winning favour.
10. (often plural) manner or way of looking at a thing, estimation, or opinion: in the eyes of the law.
11. mental view: in my mind's eye.
12. a centre of light, intelligence, influence, etc.
13. something resembling or suggesting the eye in appearance, shape, etc., as the bud of a tuber, the central spot of a target, the lens of a camera, one of the round spots on the tail feathers of a peacock, the hole of a needle, a hole pierced in a thing for the insertion of some object, a metal or other ring as for a rope to pass through, or the loop into which a hook is inserted (forming together with the hook a hook and eye).
14. the central, best portion of a steak, usually round and discernible from the surrounding more fatty section.
15. Meteorology the central region of low pressure in a tropical hurricane, where calm conditions prevail, often with clear skies.
16. Nautical the precise direction from which the wind is blowing.
17. Nautical the foremost part of the bows of a ship.
verb (t) (eyed, eyeing or eying)
18. to fix the eyes upon; view.
19. to observe or watch narrowly.
20. to make an eye in: to eye a needle.
21. all my eye, Colloquial nonsense.
22. (all) my eye and Betty Martin, Colloquial (an expression of disbelief or scepticism.)
23. an eye for an eye, repayment in kind, as revenge for an injustice. {Phrase Origin: from the Old Testament (Exodus 21:23–25): `And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give him life for life, Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.' A similar principle was contained in the earlier code of Hammurabi written in Babylon.}
24. be all eyes and ears, Colloquial extremely attentive.
25. before (or under) someone's very eyes, in someone's presence.
26. catch someone's eye, to attract someone's attention.
27. cry one's eyes out, to weep copiously.
28. do in the eye, Colloquial to take advantage of; cheat; swindle.
29. easy on the eye, Colloquial attractive to look at.
30. eye of the day, Poetic the sun.
31. get one's eye in,
a. (in cricket and other ball games) to be able, through practice, to follow the movement of the ball.
b. Colloquial to adapt oneself to a situation; become accustomed.
32. give someone the glad eye, Colloquial to look amorously at someone.
33. go eyes out, Colloquial to work very hard.
34. have a good eye, to have good coordination of hand to eye, especially in sports involving hitting or catching balls.
35. have an eye (or the eye) for, to be discerning about; be a good judge of: *while you must always have an eye for the future, we see no reason to change that policy for the present –aap news, 1999.
36. have an eye to, to watch out for; attend to.
37. have an eye to the future, to be mindful of possible developments at a later date.
38. have eyes only for,
a. to look at nothing else but.
b. to desire nothing else but.
39. have one's eye on,
a. to watch over carefully, especially for misdemeanour.
b. to watch with interest in order to take; covet.
c. to set one's sights on: to have one's eye on the state archery team.
40. in the eye of the law, from the legal viewpoint.
41. in the public eye, often seen in public; well known.
42. keep an eye on, to watch attentively; mind.
43. keep an eye out for, to be watchful, or on the lookout for.
44. keep one's eye on the ball,
a. (in cricket, golf, and other ball games) to watch the ball right up to the moment when one strikes it, catches it, etc.
b. Colloquial to pay attention to the matter in hand.
45. keep one's eyes open (or skinned){{}} (or peeled), to be especially watchful.
46. lay (or clap){{}} (or set) eyes on, to catch sight of; see.
47. make eyes at, to gaze flirtatiously at.
48. make someone open their eyes, to astonish someone; cause someone to stare in surprise.
49. open the eyes of, to make (someone) aware of the truth of something or of something previously unknown; to enlighten.
50. out of the corner of one's eye, at the edge of one's vision: to catch a movement out of the corner of my eye.
51. pick the eyes out of, Colloquial to select the best parts, pieces, etc., of (a collection). {Phrase Origin: from mining, where an eye was a mass of ore left to be worked when other parts were inaccessible (from eye as any central mass, in turn derived from the eye as the centre of a light source); thus, any choice bit; applied in the early days of settlement in Australia to the best portions of land}
52. pipe one's eye, Archaic to weep. {Phrase Origin: originally a nautical expression, from the intransitive pipe to weep, originally to make a peep or squeaking noise}
53. run one's eye over, to glance at briefly.
54. see eye to eye, to have the same opinion; agree.
55. see with half an eye, to see easily; realise immediately.
56. shut (or close) one's eyes to, to refuse to see; disregard.
57. sight for sore eyes, a welcome sight; an agreeable surprise.
58. the eye of the storm,
a. the centre of a cyclonic storm where there is no wind or cloud.
b. a period of relative calm before one is, once again, embroiled in a crisis or disaster.
59. turn a blind eye on (or to), to pretend not to see; ignore.
60. up to the eyes in, very busy with; deeply involved in.
61. with one's eyes open, fully aware of potential risks.
{Middle English; Old English ēge, distantly related to Latin oculus}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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